What is Peace PvP?

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    Peace PvP
    Hello everyone and welcome to the server,
    where we offer you an OG Cosmic Factions experience.


    Server Information
    Ip peacepvp.com
    Discord https://discord.gg/e6hkK6R

    Important Links

    Click on either or to be linked to the right place
    >> Rules <<
    >> Store <<



    How can I purchase/donate to the server?
    Purchases/donations can be made at our store, foremost it is a privilege and not right if you disregard our rules or regulations will result in consequences still. Chargebacks are not allowed and any attempt will result in a permanent IP ban. We advise anyone who is not 18+ to have a parent or legal guardian with them when making purchases, we are not responsible for any accidents or misusage.

    If staff positions are open where could I apply?
    Applications are open and may apply in the staff applications section of our forums. Be sure to use the format and put a lot of time and effort. Only chosen few may be selected to represent the server and community.

    Where do I go to report bugs?

    Bugs, exploits, dupes of any sort may be reported in the bug report section of the forums. Abusing any bugs or exploits or coming across them without informing staff will lead to consequences, advise honesty.

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