Steel Pail Making Line

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    Steel Pail Production Line

    This machine is used for processing the 16-20L steel pails. It changes the multiple traditional single-station processing machines into a whole one. This design can save the space of factory greatly, and can reduce the cost of electricity consumption greatly.

    Production Capacity22 cans/ minTotal Power13.75kw
    Power Consumption9kw/hlength*width*height2700*1400*2300 mm

    Original: Yixing, China
    Warranty: 1 year
    MOQ: 1 set

    Pure mechanical structure can break all unstable factors of the traditional hydraulic cylinder caused by oil temperature, air temperature, sealing element, solenoid valve and so on.
    The adjustment of cone expansion is controlled by the power-plant turbines. It makes changing the processing varieties faster and more convenient. The adjustment of can bodies’ curling is controlled by the EXLAR, which can help adjust the height of the curling and make it accurate.
    This machine has a 10-inch touch screen and it is operated easily. It also has ergonomic design with its memory function.

    Conventional hydraulic equipment + manipulator VS Assembly production line

    Conventional hydraulic equipment + manipulatorAssembly production line
    Occupied area16.4m*2.2m=36.08㎡11.5m*1.36m=15.64㎡
    Power consumption/ hour30.4kw17.15kw
    Average production capacity12-18 sets/min20-22 sets/min
    Adjustment of can body& timeManually 20min intelligent electrical control
    2 min
    Operators’ requirementsHave a certain experienceCommon operators are available.
    Deviation protection of can bodies’ positionNoYes
    If you need to adjust the machine, for the difference of the thickness and rigidity of can bodies’ material?YesNo

    Ø Provide the technical design and solutions;
    Ø Professional technical training and guidance on site according to the contract;
    Ø Tele-technical consulting and services;
    Ø Other special technical services according to client’s requirements.

    1. Why choose our factory?
    Our company has advanced production equipment and strong technology. The producing process is under strict management in quality. Our products are sold around the world and highly thought of since excellent quality and perfect service at home and abroad.
    2. What advantages are for our products?
    High efficiency, energy saving and good quality.
    3. What advantages are for us?
    Reasonable price and best services, advanced equipment and strong technology.
    4. How to order?
    Do not hesitate to contact by online or Email as soon as possible once you are interested in our products. The specific quotation will be offered basing the request dimension and quantity.Steel Pail Making Line

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