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    These are the official rules and are to be followed. They are put in place to make and ensure everyone’s safety and security. Any concerns or issues may be brought up with staff.

    1. Advertising is not allowed
    Mentioning of a server will result in a muteSpamming/Linking a server or discord will result in being permanently removed from the discord

    2. Threats are Not Tolerated
    We have no tolerance for threatening players and making them not feel secure.
    Threats include DDOS, DOX, stalking, etc. You will be blacklisted from the discord/server
    or any server related platform.

    Threats don't include and aren't limited to;

    Raiding someone's base
    Hunt them down in pvp

    3. Discrimination/Prejudice/Racism is Not Tolerated
    Using derogatory terms, targeting a certain culture or race, insulting an individual or individuals
    because of who they are or where they are from is not accepted and will result in being permanently removed from the discord.

    4. Player/Staff Disrespect
    Insulting or making fun of anyone regardless of staff or a player is not allowed and will
    result in a warning and possibly lead up to a mute.

    5. Cursing/Swearing
    Excessive swearing and cursing or usage of foul language is not allowed
    And result in being muted.

    6. Spamming/Chat Flooding
    Posting too many sudden messages at once or spamming using random characters or caps
    will result in being muted. Promoting spam, for example, using hashtags or baiting people to spam numbers or words will result in the same or further consequences will be taken.

    Talking like this will get you a warning or mute.

    how are

    7. Trolling in VC
    Hopping into random voice channels or randomly screaming, making obnoxious noises will result in a server mute from voice channels.

    8. Undermining Server
    Making false lies or promoting bad things about the server or attempt at trying to ruin the server’s reputation. Trying to get people to stop playing the server or not feel at ease.

    You will automatically be removed from the discord permanently, further actions may be taken as well.

    If you come across a rule breaker be sure to report to a staff member or make a ticket.
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