My Application for Moderator on PeacePvP

Discussion in 'Applications' started by Alexander, Feb 15, 2019.

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    Feb 15, 2019
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    IGN: BigBoyDrama
    Discord Tag: JollyDrama#6300
    Timezone: EST
    Age: 16
    Length I have played PeacePvP: 3 days.
    Reason I'm Applying: I am looking for something more interesting than just cosmic and this seems like its better than cosmic. So I wanna give it a go.
    Helping: I could monitor the discord and watch videos of any scammers.
    Why I Might be better: Because, honestly I really play a lot of Minecraft, so that means I could put in way over 8 hours a week.
    Time I can Play: Like 32 hours a week
    Any Past Experience: Yes. I have moderated on one of my alts on fantasy cloud.

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