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    Weihai Baihe Biology Technological Co.,Ltd is one of well-known organic bcaa capsule manufacturers, welcome to buy low price, customized and GMP certified bcaa capsule of high quality through our website.
    BCAA Capsule
    Product NameBCAA CapsuleSize500mg, 00#
    Other NameAmino acid complex Capsule, Lecuine capsule, isoleucine capsule, Valine capsule
    Key wordsHigh quality BCAA Capsule, Halal certified BCAA Capsule, competitive price BCAA Capsule the supplier of BCAA Capsule, Lecuine:isoleucine: Valine: 2:2:1
    OriginalThe BCAA is from ChinaPort departuaredQingdao, China
    Production capacity100,000,000pcsProduction time30 Days
    MOQ500,000pcsPackaging8000pcs per bag, in bulk packaging
    Price terms30% deposit, the balance be paid before shipment
    Profile of ProductThe human body requires a steady supply of amino acids since there is a constant flux of protein turnover, especially surrounding exercise. During exercise, increased oxidation of the BCAAs is generally recognized as the signal to the body to stop protein synthesis in the muscles. The body uses the BCAAs during exercise to maintain energy and make glucose. After an acute bout of resistance exercise, oxidation continues. Then take BCAA capsule is necessary for sports man.
    CertificationFDA registration, EU fishery product registration, NSF, GMP, HACCP, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001
    AdvantageThe Lecuine:isoleucine: Valine: 2:2:1 or 4:4:1 or 10:10:1, it is the best ratio of composition for human's health.
    UsageAs a dietary, take 2 pcs daily.
    Service provideThe time of CIQ inspection is fast, just 2 days.
    The certificate that customer needed.
    Provide the packaging service, such as blistering, bulk packaging, bottling etc.
    The role of BCAA:
    1. Anti-fatigue
    There is a competitive relationship between the BCAA and tryptophan into the brain, and tryptophan is the production of serotonin (5-ht) in the brain, producing central fatigue. Therefore, there is one index: BCAA / 5-ht, the lower the value, the weaker the anti-central fatigue ability of the body. During exercise, the metabolism of the BCAA is accelerated, and the fastest metabolism of all free amino acids is accelerated, of course, in the brain. If the BCAA level is lower, the BCAA / 5-ht value is reduced and fatigue is easy.
    Application 1: to enhance the anti-fatigue ability and improve the effect of exercise, the BCAA should be complemented before and during the long and moderate exercise.
    Application 2: the post-exercise supplement BCAA can help eliminate fatigue, although the effect is obviously not as good as glutamine (l-glu), but it is absolutely necessary to promote the repair of muscle tissue.
    2. Anti-muscle breakdown
    In a longer period of time (usually more than 45 minutes), the proportion of amino acids participating in the energy supply will double (up to 10% ~ 15%) when the muscle glycogen is consumed in large quantities. The speed and efficiency of BCAA energy supply is the highest in all amino acids. Therefore, the high BCAA level in muscle cells is important for antagonistic muscular structural protein decomposition.
    3. Promote muscle recovery
    Since the BCAA is used as a necessary amino acid in the process of exercise, the BCAA is clearly involved in the repair of various tissues, especially muscle tissue.
    Application 3: in order to protect the muscle and reduce the muscle breakdown during training, the BCAA should take it before exercise. Taking BCAA after exercise can promote protein synthesis and help the body to recover.
    4. Ammonia production
    The BCAA has a higher metabolic rate and is also very efficient at producing ammonia, so it increases the body's ammonia burden. In sports, the metabolism of the body increases, and the tolerance of ammonia also increases accordingly, so as long as the supplementation is not excessive, the pre-movement supplement BCAA is beneficial to the advantages and disadvantages.GMP certified Capsule

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